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86% of users have noted the progress after brain training on Wikium

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Science as a game
All Wikium simulators are based on scientific knowledge about the work of the brain - Russian and foreign techniques. To make brain development interesting and easy, we apply game mechanics and an accessible interface to them. As a result, you get exciting games that train your brain.

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Reviews of Wikium

I would like to thank once again for the "Cat-and-Mouse" simulator. Updated, it has become much more interesting. It fascinates! It trains speed of thinking, which is especially important. Thanks and good luck!
I came on Wikium at the moment of crisis. I began to distinguish the important from the unimportant successfully, the information noise ceased to disturb me. Then I finished "Goal setting" course. As a result, I changed the job to a higher position. And I feel great, despite the fact that the tasks have increased significantly.
I want to say thank you very much for the very necessary service (and quite an affordable price for such things, I must say). In terms of emotions, everything has become better: I behave with benefits for the future, and not for the satisfaction of momentary emotional outbursts.
Every day I train in the project. I feel improvements in memory, thinking, attention. You will not immediately become a superhero with supernormal abilities, but definitely with systematic exercises the benefit to the intellect is enormous!
I really like Wikium, I bought it for my 14-year-old son, I do it myself. It's something like 10-tests. I train every day, the results are different, I succeed in training on the development of attention.
It works for me. Easy intuitive interface, there is an opportunity to practice before each simulator. You study without overcoming yourself, but you are really interested. Reminder letters are my personal favorite, I would forget to train without them.
Wikium is great service! I train 155 days in a row. I noted positive changes somewhere in 2-3 months (I study once a day).
I am new on Wikium. I came because I am studying German. And the first month I left the lesson with the feeling that I had forgotten everything. Now, two months later, the classes became better. And the memory in everyday things has also become better. I recommend!
The best investment in yourself. I love to grow. My goal is MBA, but for a long time I was not ready to invest not having enough time. With Wikium, I feel strong, confident and ready to move mountains! MBA - wait for me!
I work as a personal driver, the navigator occasionally has problems, so my way is to know the map perfectly. With Wikium, I stopped forgetting which of the same turns to go in order to bypass the traffic jam.
Incredibly cool and diverse simulators! I have been practicing for more than a month regularly and I am not tired. I want to set new records)) What is the effect? Memory has definitely become better. There was some clarity of consciousness. Plus, I'm less tired at work.
Recently, my memory and attention became worse. I worked as if in a fog of some kind, did not notice anything around. Wikium literally gave me a second chance: enthusiasm appeared, new interests appeared, I began to read (and memorize!) interesting books again.
Thank you for such a wonderful multifunctional tool for brain development. It helps me a lot by improving my concentration and mental activity and reaction speed and even my weakest point - memory!
Concentration of attention can be improved exponentially in a short time by training on Wikium. I could not drive the car normally - I constantly did not notice the changes on the road and as a result I created dangerous situations. Now I feel much more confident.
It is so valuable to get a rather detailed description of scientific sources of simulators with links to the authors. Thank you so much for the materials! I wish further creative success to the whole Wikium team!
I like Wikium. Nice design, the opportunity to train before each simulator, everything is simple and clear. As for the effect - for me it is amazing. Improved memory, it became much easier to concentrate.
I really like the course "Speed Reading", I can already see the dynamics in the speed of reading, in being aware of what I read and memorizing. This is important for me, because now I read a large amount of literature, and this course is most welcome.
In our company, everyone is obsessed with self-development and begin experimenting with biohacking. Yes, the direction is popular, but I think you can swallow pills only if you are sick. Wikium gives me better concentration, I remember more information.
It helps me to learn languages. For work, I need to learn the Chinese - it is not the easiest language. Training on simulators, I feel how new words and difficult Chinese grammar become easier. In general, sese, Wikium!
Thank you, Wikium team! I train with pleasure! Unfortunately, some simulators because of my features, show not what I would like to.
I remember "Everything needs skill, reinforcement, training ...". In everything, it means that the brain also needs it. And Wikium is a great simulator!
I started with the usual simulators, but switched to the program Profession. I do not know who and how made them, but it is a lot of work and it's fully justified. You have grasped all the facets of the profession so great and you are helping me to develop skills that are really needed in my work.
Hello, WIKIUM team. I am delighted with the "Writer" simulator!!! Could you also make it in German ??? Since it really increases and broadens vocabulary!!!
Interesting and really useful courses and simulators. Every day I go through an individual training session. I passed the courses “Development of Thinking” and “Creative thinking”. And would advise them to everyone who works in the field of marketing.
I never thought that brain training could be so interesting. Thank you so much for helping the old people not to lose their memory completely. I will train daily and look forward to new simulators.
Hello, Wikium team! Thanks again to the whole team for the suggestions and answers. Good luck to you and your colleagues. You are great!
Hello, Wikium team! A month ago, I bought a brain-fitness course. Simulators are very popular, especially those for concentration. I feel that I can concentrate much easier than before. Thank you!
Hi! Thank you for such an excellent program! I trained my memory a lot! Now my friends envy me!
It really changed my life for the better. I started to do everything faster and my productivity increased. Most likely this was due to the course and daily training during the month, which were mainly aimed at developing of thinking.
This is what you need with the manager's syndrome! Constant multitasking is exhausting. The result is reduced efficacy, nerves, stress. With courses and simulators from Wikium, I see myself changing. I cope better with my tasks. I plan better.
Thank you for listening to the wishes of users! I personally really like to study according to your program and I sincerely want your resource to develop and get better.
I think the course “Detoxification of the brain” is the strongest assistant for restoring the body and energy storage to tired mothers and busy parents. It is remarkable that the practices are short and at the same time capacious. I will continue to practice and recommend to others. See you!
Hello, WIKIUM team. Very pleased with your application, I look forward to the version in French.
I work with huge databases, and yes, it happened, I messed up. I started training. My messing up reduced practically to zero - I have enough forces to check everything and not to kill the eye. Now I understand that this was not a human factor, but simply a lack of training.
Wikium was advised by a friend: she learns Italian for herself and says that it is easier for her with simulators. I began to study and literally a week later I felt the effect: the book I read with a bunch of important terms and formulas was not only read, but also understood.
Hello, WIKIUM team. I wanted to express to you the greatest thanks for your work!!! I bought a premium for a year in the winter, I received a year as a gift. And I think this purchase is almost the best - a bargain for this year! Continue in the same spirit, wish success to you!
I love simulators from Wikium. It's nice when you go to the website to see a ready-made training program prepared especially for you. I find it difficult to judge the effect at work, but I can say for sure that my memory has become close to photographic.
Everybody needs to train. Well, or continue to look for excuses. Wikium helps me in self-development - a place where you can not only improve memory, but also develop your brain up to 100%.
I went in, registered, passed the test tasks. The lowest score was showed on the level of thinking. Now I train, I develop this parameter. Quickly and successfully I finished a huge report. I felt like a superhero!
I would like, as a doctor, to advise people 60+ to train! It distracts from problems, negative fixation on a state of health leaves. In addition, it improves the cognitive abilities of each person.
A good website for brain training. I liked the nice design and operational support service. There is a good effect. In my case, I stopped disconnecting from the dialogue and I started to remember everything I read and learned better.
Hello, WIKIUM team. I tried only a few days and, unexpectedly for myself, in the newly viewed old films I began to notice small details that I had not seen before. I think this is due to training, thank you.
Good day, friends! I want to thank Sergey Belan and all the specialists involved in the creation and development of the Wikium online platform. I want to wish your team success and new ideas!
Before the maternity leave I worked as an accountant, always made best reports, as they say, and I wasn't terrified even by all kinds of annuals. After the maternity leave I understood - I am not ready. Somewhere I saw a Wikium advertisement and immediately understood - it's for me. I regularly trained, now I work as a chief accountant.
Wikium is development, Wikium is thought, Wikium is cool, well Wikium - hold on! I often study with my grandson, I like it very much!
I want to sincerely note that I feel a change in everything that is happening to me. The brains began to think better, I'm less worried, I see a step ahead. There are still a lot of problems, but I started to move. Thanks to you. So glad to find you! Thank you very much.
Good afternoon, Wikium team! Just tried a new option "Duel". It is very exciting! And all the simulators are very cool, especially "Cat-and-Mouse". Thank you very much for your product, for what you are doing!
Yesterday, for the first time, I had an exercise with a neurosimulator, where you need to control a cat and a dog with two hands - this is something! Thank! Feeling just super!
Hello, Wikium team! I have to tell you: you are helping me so much! My brains finally began to work again and the ice was broken, otherwise I thought I had no way back, I was doomed... For me, this miracle is a real miracle!
I started practicing on Wikium in 2017, and in 2018 I was there almost every day. The main thing that I noticed is not only improvement, but also a different perception of reality. Thank you for this tool, I plan to switch to a neurointerface soon.
The program has everything that I have been looking for so long bit by bit. Thanks to Wikium, there is a real opportunity to assess your current potential and understand which direction to take. This is truly invaluable! Thanks a lot!
Thank you for everything you do, your simulators really help in real life to make clearer decisions, focus, keep pace and just maintain balance.
I am a marketer by profession. Here everything is changing with each passing month, but I ended up with three years of maternity leave and even without experience. I decided to take care of myself. I learned a language, but at the same time I took a course on Wikium Profession. It helped me identify my strengths and further develop them.
Without motivation stagnation comes. It is necessary to develop in this life. Wikium helps me a lot with this. There are simulators and courses. You pass the test, determine your strengths and weaknesses and go ahead - to achieve new heights.
I learn the language and at the same time I train on Polyglot. For several days I noted that new words are no longer remembered so painfully. I think your simulators and courses are a real breakthrough in brain biohacking.
Thanks. Very cool simulators! I'm satisfied with purchasing!!! It was pleasant and surprising to find such lessons here. Thanks! The whole family can train) Although, initially, I wanted to get fast reading for a child. And everything is quite cheap! Thanks!
I was promoted from freelancer to an office employee in 1 month. I think that this is due to Wikium simulators - my memory improved, my organization improved. It's easier for me to fulfill the plan and offer ideas for expanding the functionality of the company.
Thank you very much! I would like to say that your simulators, courses lead to a significant development of intelligence. You are great! Thanks to you, I became more intelligent and progressive. Thanks!
I managed to evaluate both simulators and courses. Well, what can I say - it works, with all my initial skepticism. Your course "Brain detoxification" is a separate topic. After it, I felt like a clean sheet of paper, which could take on new knowledge!
Every day throughout the year I enjoy doing the exercises and the results in everyday life make me very happy. Everything is good, but there is one thing: please, expand the vocabulary in the Master of Words simulator, since each training contains almost the same words.

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* Improved functions noted by users after 30 days of daily training on Wikium, according to an October 2018 survey.

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